Qin Gang: Post-war International Order Must Be Preserved; China’s National Reunification Must Be Realized
2023-05-11 23:51

On May 10, 2023 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang visited the site of the Potsdam Conference and delivered a speech in Berlin.

Speaking of his visit to the site of the Potsdam Conference, Qin Gang said he was deeply touched by the overlap between the past and the present. The Potsdam Conference held in 1945 played an important role in laying a foundation for the post-WWII international order, and it is of special historical significance for the Chinese people. The Potsdam Proclamation issued after the conference reaffirmed the provisions of the Cairo Declaration, including that all the territories Japan had stolen from China, including Taiwan, should be restored to China. It was a great achievement of the world’s anti-fascist war, and it cost the lives and blood of 35 million Chinese soldiers and civilians.

Nowadays, the United States talks a lot about upholding the rules-based international order, but it discards the Potsdam Proclamation it had drafted, and supports and connives at “Taiwan independence” separatist activities, disrupting the post-war international order and undermining China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese people will never accept this.

Qin Gang said we must bear in mind the lessons of history that the post-war international order must be preserved, and that the international fairness and justice must be upheld! “Taiwan independence” separatist activities, which challenge international norms and order and go against the tide of history, are doomed to lead nowhere. China’s national reunification must be realized!

Qin Gang wrote on the autograph book: Uphold the post-war international order, promote world peace and prosperity, and realize China’s national reunification.